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Onlypet, alta calidad en alimentos para animales de compañía.
Cat purr
Cats can purr, indicating that the animal typically is under a state of placidness. However, purr may also mean that is distressed, afflicted or expe ... [>]
The German Shepherd:
The German shepherd is one of the breeds of dog more popular in the world. Hard workers, affectionate with the family, excellent guardian, patient an ... [>]
Do you know?
Dogs, faithful and loving, are the most popular pets. For the children, the most desirable for small size are "carline", "teckel" hard fur or "cocker ... [>]

Onlypet, high quality petfoods.

¿What offer Onlypet to your pet?

The more complete, flexible and balanced range for feed your pets. Only Dog for dogs and Only Cat for cats.

Specialists in nutrition have formulated the different varieties, selecting ingredients of first quality, choosing products free of O. G. M. Both the palatability and the general appearance of the dog and cat are excellent, which demonstrates the quality of the range Only, rich in fatty acids OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6, enriched with vitamins A, D3 E, ensuring their digestibility.

Our field technicians, breeders and veterinarians, have noted that the pets acquire an excellent physical condition and better health. The ISO 9002 certifies the manufacturing process, as well as quality in all their ingredients.